Vinnie Bacon for Mayor of Fremont

I’m Vinnie Bacon and I’m running to be the next Mayor of Fremont.

Fremont needs a mayor that is not beholden to special interests, specifically developer / real estate money that has dominated Fremont politics for far too long. I was the first Fremont City Council candidate who refused to take campaign donations from developers. In my eight years on the Fremont City Council I took on these special interests always arguing for responsible development.

I was usually out-voted in my efforts on the Council. Fremont has continued developing in a way that prioritized real estate industry profits over the interests of the community. We made some inroads and even had a majority of candidates who refused developer money. Sadly, that majority was lost and we are now back to a developer-friendly City Council.

This must change! We need to focus on creating a sense of community with a government that is responsible to its people. I have a proven track record of fighting for the residents of Fremont and will do so again if elected to be your next mayor.



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We are going up against some VERY deep pockets that want to preserve the status quo. We will need a lot of help from the community.

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Donate – Our main opponent is a 0.1 percenter with over $100 million in real estate holdings who has shown he will spend heavily on political races. We will need to fight back.

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